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NYPD Twitter Photo Contest Backfires, Police Brutality Photos Flood Twitter | The Anti-Media

If you need something to uplift your mood today, maybe this will do It.

Awareness of reality was shown to be alive and well today, as a NYPD twitter photo contest –intended to paint a good picture of the violent police state– ended up backfiring.

Instead of photos intended to blindly support the violent police state being posted, the contest ended up being flooded with photos of the NYPD violently abusing people.

There were simply too many photos to count. Here are the results from a Twitter search from the #myNYPD hashtag event:

This to a victory for awareness, and a loss for propaganda.

I hope your day was made better by this event making it clear that masses of people continue to grow in awareness, exponentially, and that we are shaping a future for ourselves, free of violence and coercion.

Please share this info with as many people as possible, especially both people who already know what the police state does and need something to better their day, and people who justify the existence of a violent monopoly on force by any means necessary.

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